Yom Tov Sheni

6 April 2010

While in the dentist office a few hours ago getting my teeth cleaned, a strange thought popped into my head. I started thinking about yom tov sheni and the fact that there are five each year, which over the course of 70 years totals 350 days.¬†In other words, for an observant Jew living in the Diaspora, roughly one year of his life is ‘taken’ by yom tov sheni. Or conversely, for a Jew living in Israel one year is added to his life to pursue whatever he wants. True, we have to work on these days but nonetheless we are free to do what we want be it speaking to an old friend on the telephone, doing a crossword puzzle, writing a blog entry,¬†taking the wife and kids out for a bite to eat, listening to a CD, etc, etc, etc.

In the Kabbalah, this world is referred to as olam asiyah, the world of doing. For a Jew living in the Land of Israel he has an extra year ‘to do’. What a gift! Obviously such a gift should be treated properly and used wisely, and not just wasted on nonsense. Nonetheless, and despite what one might do with it, it really is one incredible gift.

To my Jewish brothers still living in the Diaspora, think about it. By making aliyah you will receive one more year of your life ‘to do’. Don’t waste this opportunity!

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2 Responses to Yom Tov Sheni

  1. jack cohen says:

    great idea!! Of course, we are awaiting the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin for the abolishment of the yom tove sheni. There are many other things which the Sanhedrin will be able to accomplish once it convenes, including the reestablishment of Shofar, Lulab and Megillah on Shabbat, and many gezerot which were enacted for situations of the past which no longer exist and which we cannot change at present. Problems caused by yom tov sheni for those visiting the Golah on a festival or vice versa will also be adjusted for the good

    • Yoel Meltzer says:

      Hi Jack,

      I agree, we need a Sanhedrin (or some sort of similar central body) that could make the required changes.


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