Time for New Thinking

Roughly twenty years ago Israel made a decision to bring back from exile in faraway Tunisia it’s most bitter enemy, Yasser Arafat, and deposit him together with his close associates on our own doorstep. Still further, not content with the shock value of such a startling move, the leaders of the day outdid themselves by actually helping to arm and train Arafat’s newly created “police force”.

Underlying this odd yet bold course of action was the assumption that the only way to achieve stability in the region is by increasing the amount of Arab sovereignty, which of course is just a kinder way of saying by reducing the amount of Israeli sovereignty. Although perhaps it’s never been explicitly stated this way, there’s no doubt that this belief has had an enormous influence in shaping the policies of successive Israeli leaders for nearly twenty years.

Moreover, although it’s true that when the Oslo process was launched many people honestly believed that the reasoning behind taking such a gamble was sufficiently sound, two decades of experience have demonstrated the fact that the essential assumption was clearly wrong: reduced Israeli sovereignty does not lead to local or regional stability. It never did and it never will. In fact the very opposite is true since such a way of thinking exudes a defeatist attitude and projects a message that “we’re wrong, the land is not ours”, which in turn empowers our enemies to act in a more brazen manner. This of course perpetuates, rather than eradicates, local and regional instability.

Hence this flawed line of reasoning, despite some good intentions, is the real driving force behind the many diversified attacks on Israel since the dawn of Oslo. Moreover, it makes no difference whether the attacks are against Israel’s legitimacy, such as the international BDS campaign or the yearly Israeli Apartheid Week, or against Israel’s very existence, such as the countless terrorist attacks or missile barrages from Gaza. They’re all a result of Israel’s indefatigable attempt to grant further Arab sovereignty at the expense of Israeli sovereignty.

What’s more, each time the attack is of a military nature Israel is reluctantly drawn into yet another round of tit-for-tat reprisals – you kill, we kill, you kill, we kill – which do little, if anything, in diminishing the constant Arab-Israeli tension. Thus, in order to finally change the seemingly endless cycle of insanity for both Jews and Arabs, Israel needs to take a clear look at reality and simply change the paradigm. As the only source of real stability in the entire Middle East, it’s a no-brainer that the exact opposite of the Oslo assumption is true. Namely, real stability can be achieved only by increasing Israeli sovereignty, not reducing it, while increasing Arab sovereignty will only lead to Israel’s demise.

Although such a change in direction at this late stage of the game would not be easy for Israel, it’s simply a must, not just for those of us who happen to be alive today but more importantly for future generations.

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  1. Rosangela Llorens says:

    I agree. This will mean to the large majority that i am bias. Perplexing as it is or seems to to everyone else (what you mean, say or imply) history itself proves you very close to right, to true. Not that it (history) has the ability to be subjective or, much less, to become anyone’s ally…:-) But, though attempted, it cannot be shaped, forced or obligated…It just is.
    Was pondering recently about the quick increased severity of open antisemitism (it usually is disguised, hidden) growing so fast so soon and so close to the 1930′s and Germany. Went backwards and researched from 2012 every 40 years all the way to the
    Greeks before Channukah. It was compelling and exacting.
    You are right. More than the actual present scenario, you are right in light of Tanach, G-d’s Word. Torah is the perfect outline of history. IT IS. Tanach lets THIS history unfold into the unknown fututure to the Prophets, and to those that believe and obeyHIM, IT is a revealed and unfolding present.
    History used to be factual. Faith used to be subjective. No longer. The powers-that-be are trying to make both subjective and irrelevant. They will ultimately fail.
    You are right because History and Faith cannot separate – no matter how hard men try.
    The fear of G-d is the beginning of Wisdom. I fear Him and agree with you. May He give Wisdom. May He give Light. With His outstrenched right arm may He set Israel in the right path.
    [ if this is too long or very jumbled- forgive me/ could not scroll back to correct or
    shortened! :-O]


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  4. Leon Kushner says:

    Well said! You are 100% correct. I was an IT consultant and I always try to fall back on simple logic to solve a problem. The logic here is simple: We want peace at any cost. We tried appeasing the enemy by giving them land, autonomy, money, arms, importing their exiled leaders, etc. Not only did it not work, it had the reverse effect. It proved to them that we were weak, we were wrong, it encouraged them and their supporters that just maybe they had a legitimate claim against our existence.
    Time to do an about face and reject all their claims, refuse to give an inch of land, stop pretending to make peace with murderers, identify them as who they really are – hateful murderers who teach their children to kill us in the name of their religion.
    Logic should G-d willing prevail.

    All the best,

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