Returning to the “Avraham Stage”

On the verse “And all the wells which the servants of his father had dug in the days of Avraham his father, the Philistines had closed them up and filled them with earth”(Bereishit 26:15), Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hirsch explains that this negative treatment of Yitzchak following the death of his father Avraham is the beginning of the exile.

The decline he explains is three-fold from being honored and respected in the days of Avraham to being tolerated but envied in the days of Yitzchak to being slaves and subservient in the days of Yaakov.  Our job, he adds, is to repair this fallen status by bringing all of the nations back to respecting us davka because of who we are.  This, of course, is the ultimate stage, the “Avraham stage”.

Extrapolating from the words of this spiritual giant add applying it to our times, I would add that the key to ending anti-Semitism and having this happen is not dependent on the non-Jews.  Although we need to continue fighting anti-Semitism, at the same time we need to increase self respect and pride in who we are and what is our mission since it is this internal self respect and appreciation of our mission (on a national level) that will eventually affect others.  Similar to a person who feels good about himself and exudes self-confidence which in turn affects how others think about him, so to we need to do on a national level.  This is the way to regain the respect of the non-Jewish world, to return to the “Avraham Stage”.

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