Pollard’s Been Released!

Incredible and startling news! After spending 25 years in jail, convicted spy Jonathan Pollard has been released. This sudden and shocking development, something that seemed a pipe dream just a few weeks ago, has managed to touch the heart and soul of Jews throughout the world. Be it in Israel, America or France, Jews are united as one in expressing their deep sense of joy over the news of his release.

How did this seemingly impossible event finally happen? It all started with Marc Green, the flamboyant Jewish American multi-billionaire from Miami, and the recent Russian spy ring. While many in the US were surprised to learn that several ordinary looking suburban Americans were in fact Russian spies, Green was taken aback by the fact that less than two weeks after their arrest the ten Russian spies were already on their way back to Russia as part of a swap for several American spies. Having recently read that Jonathan Pollard had already been in prison for a quarter of a century, Green was shocked at the speed with which the current affair was closed. Struck by the mighty contrast, Green decided to investigate the details of the Pollard affair. What he found was more disturbing than anything he ever imagined.

For starters, unlike what he had thought, Pollard was not arrested for treason. This in itself was a bombshell for Green. Having never looked into the details of the case, Green just assumed, as do many Americans and Israelis, that Pollard was in jail for treason. In fact, Pollard was never even charged with treason! Nearly in disbelief and embarrassed by his years of falsely judging his fellow Jew, for the first time Green realized that Pollard had been sitting in jail for 25 years for the much less severe crime of “passing classified information to an ally without intent to harm the United States”.

In addition, not only was Pollard’s crime much less severe than treason or spying for an enemy nation, Pollard had actually received a life sentence for his crime! This dubious distinction made Pollard the only person in the history of the United States to ever receive a life sentence for such a crime. What’s more, he even had to spend a whopping seven years in solitary confinement. In comparison, most people only receive two to four years for such a crime with the maximum sentence having been adjusted to ten years. For Pollard, however, the rules were different.

As Green continued to delve into the story he discovered that even people who had been caught spying on behalf of hostile nations seldom received such a harsh sentence. Moreover, even in the rare case where someone did receive a life sentence, the crimes committed were so out of proportion to what Pollard had done. Case in point was Aldrich Ames, a former CIA employee who caused massive damage to the US intelligence community by providing tons of sensitive information to the Soviet Union. As a result of his actions, Ames was responsible for compromising scores of US intelligence operations and for the death of many American agents. Despite the obvious differences, both Pollard and Ames received life sentences.

Unable to walk away from what he had discovered, Green decided to act. Utilizing his newly acquired arsenal of knowledge, he penned a thoroughly explosive op-ed piece. Moreover, using his powerful influence and connections, the article was simultaneously published in the ten largest American newspapers. In the article Green let it all fly, exposing many details of the Pollard affair that were barely ever discussed. In addition, he highlighted the apparent injustice of his rotting away for 25 years, especially in light of the charge, while the recent Russian spy ring case was promptly closed within two weeks. Green even mentioned some of the hardly ever talked about cases of Americans caught spying against Israel and how they are usually deported from Israel with little or no fanfare.

The result of the article was electrifying. It was picked up by numerous sites and instantly went viral on the internet. Even Zack Rosen, the two-time winner of the Oscar for best actor and spokesman for various human rights groups, was so shaken by the article that he decided to get involved. Tapping into his diverse repertoire of acting skills and utilizing his enormous fame, like a classic poet he simply read the article on YouTube. Ostensibly such a simple feat, the video nevertheless quickly spread like wildfire and was viewed by more than 40 million people within a few short days.

Fearful of being left on the side, even the American Jewish organizations got involved. Quickly mobilizing their forces they began demanding, in unusual brazen terms, that Pollard immediately be released. Equally surprising the Israeli leadership somehow rediscovered their backbone and jumped into the fray, insisting that the years of injustice finally come to an end.

Seeing the whirlwind of events transpiring within just a few short days, senior republican senator J.T. Crane held a brief yet historic press conference. With all the major national and international media agencies assembled, he calmly said “We’ve been ready to help Pollard for years but seeing that most Jews were quiet on the subject, we decided not to interfere. However, seeing the sudden change of events, we’ll quickly get his release from the president”.

Within two days of J.T. Crane’s press conference, Jonathan Pollard was on a plane to Israel.

Author’s note: Marc Green, Zack Rosen and J.T. Crane are just fictional characters and the above is merely a satire (written in July 2010 following the Russian spy case). However, the seemingly unfair details mentioned above concerning the Pollard affair are unfortunately sad but true.

Perhaps the lesson here is that if more Jews would raise their voice and demonstrate real concern for a fellow suffering Jew, then maybe the above story would become a reality and Jonathan Pollard would finally be released from prison.

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6 Responses to Pollard’s Been Released!

  1. goldi steiner says:

    The still ongoing drama of Jonathan Pollard’s captivity after 25 years, cries out to heavens.
    Be it the American Jewish community, the Israeli Government’s deliberate oblivious attitude, the American Administration, there is simply no excuse.

    Where is there an Emile Zola, to take on the issue, and cry out relentlessly to the entire world; J’Accuse.

    Yoel, why dont you take on the role?

    • Yoel Meltzer says:

      Hi Goldi,

      Not only has the Israeli government and most of the establishment Jews been quiet on the whole issue but also the liberals and intellectuals. This of course was the opposite with the Dreyfuss Affair where Emile Zola represented the liberal, intellectual world.

      It’s obvious that Pollard has been too pro-Israel and idealistic to elicit the support of the left-leaning liberals, which of course sadly exposes their claims to fight for human rights and justice as being very selective.

      Regarding your suggestion, I can’t step into Emile Zola’s shoes.


  2. goldi steiner says:

    what moderation is expected?

  3. Chana says:

    Multi-murdering terrorists with blood on their hands. threatening to continue their
    rampages following release from prison after not serving their full sentences and enjoying many privileges provided for by their enemy caretakers – these seem to be the conditions for freedom in inequitable numbers in a country like Israel.

    In contrast providing information for an American ally – that which should have been shared to a loyal partner – seems to guarantee that a sick, unfairly incarcerated prisoner will languish in jail without a modicum of compassion by unprincipled self-hating officials who themselves are unworthy of their positions.

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