The Show Must Go On

Ever since the tragic kidnapping and murder of the three boys, the majority of the Israeli political establishment has been united in calling for the destruction of Hamas. Although certainly a good thing for the State of Israel, the problem is that this is not the whole story. Continue reading

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A Visit to the Temple Mount

This past week within a 24-hour period I visited two of the most distinctly opposite places in Jerusalem that one can imagine: The Temple Mount and Yad Vashem. While within one is located, according to Judaism, the holiest spot in the world, the literal meeting place between heaven and earth, the other is a museum dedicated to the six million victims of the Nazi beast. Continue reading

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Demographic Nonsense

For many years the demographic factor has been used by many on the left as a justification for advancing the concept of land for peace. If Israel, so the theory goes, wants to maintain a large Jewish majority then areas liberated by Israel during the 1967 War which are predominantly populated by Arabs, namely Judea and Samaria, need to be relinquished as part of an eventual agreement. This way Israel can maintain an 80% Jewish majority, albeit within a very tiny state, as opposed to a significantly smaller majority were Israel to officially annex Judea and Samaria and grant citizenship to all the residents there. Continue reading

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The Propaganda Game

For more than a week, anyone who gets off of the Jerusalem light rail can’t help but notice the impressive looking posters that feature a large picture of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Each one has a statement above the prime minister’s picture that begins with the words “Without a treaty” and then continues with a potential ramification of not signing a treaty with the Arabs such as “Without a treaty we cannot guarantee a Jewish democratic state” or “Without a treaty we will not succeed in lowering the high cost of living”. Finally, each poster adds the following words of encouragement under the prime minister’s picture, “Bibi, only you can”. Continue reading

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Bennett, Leave the Coalition Now!

For the past several months the head of the Jewish Home Party (JHP), Naftali Bennett, has been repeatedly stating that his party has its red lines regarding negotiations with the Arabs and that it will not remain in the coalition at all costs. Continue reading

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