Our Claim to the Land

27 March 2011

What is the basis for our claim that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people? This is not simply a rhetorical question but rather an existential one since the Arabs claim that the same land is theirs. According to their version they were here first and then we, the big bad colonizers, came and stole their land. Although the many holes in their story can easily be exposed, focusing all of one’s energy on trying to debunk every lie is ultimately an exercise in futility. The Arabs believe their story and many in the world and even some Jews are fully convinced that the truth is with the Arabs.

Moreover, it has been the Arabs consistent and clear projection of what they believe, regardless of whether or not it is true, that has helped create the current environment where incessant demands are being placed on Israel to relinquish significant parts of its country for the establishment of a Palestinian state, and this notwithstanding the obvious dangers that such a state would pose for the future existence of the State of Israel.

Thus, in order to maintain a firm stand in the face of such demands, especially at a time when there is also a growing local threat to our very existence, we need to take a long overdue look in the mirror and clarify once and for all the reason that we claim this land is ours in the first place. In other words, do we claim our right to the Land of Israel because of the tragedy of the Holocaust, or because of a United Nations vote in 1947 or perhaps for some other sentimental reason? Although such beliefs may have been sufficient in the past, it is doubtful that these reasons alone can still provide us with the necessary fortitude to withstand caving in to the currently mounting threats and demands.

Similarly, clarity on this fundamental topic is essential for enabling the Israeli political establishment to start thinking out of the box on issues regarding the land. There are options outside of the suicidal two-state solution and it is high time that we actively begin pursuing them. However, without the inner confidence that is provided by having a clear understanding of why the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, not surprisingly alternative ideas are seldom even discussed. Thus, the situation continues to sputter along with most of our leaders still clinging to the bankrupt belief that there is no choice but the two-state solution.

What is more, this lack of clarity affects both sides of the political spectrum, leaving us with the bluff known as the left-right political divide. In other words, for years the left has been saying to the Arabs “take Judea and Samaria and create a Palestinian state” whereas the right, lacking any alternative approach, first flexes its muscles and drags its feet and only afterwards says to the Arabs “take Judea and Samaria and create a Palestinian state”. Thus nothing changes and we’re constantly “stuck” since for the most part there is only a quantitative difference between the left and the right on issues regarding the land but not a qualitative one.

Therefore, in order to stand strong in the face of all the demands and threats as well as to begin actively changing the situation in a positive direction, we need to focus our energy on trying to elucidate this very fundamental issue. Moreover, it is our own lack of clarity on this issue and not what the Arabs or the rest of the world maintain, that is the real source of the problem.

Having said all that, the truth is there is only one thing that is capable of providing us with the level of certainty that is needed to keep from buckling under to the escalating local and international pressure. Simply stated, it is the unwavering belief that the Land of Israel was given to the Jewish people by God. This basic tenet of Judaism has the ability to instill within us the deep sense of conviction that is needed to fully believe in the justness of our cause and to stand strong against those that challenge our right to exist as a sovereign nation in the Land of Israel. Moreover it is this, and not the Holocaust or a UN vote, which is our real claim to the Land of Israel.

The question is, do we as individuals and as a nation actually believe in this most basic principle of Judaism? This is a question that we no longer have the luxury to ignore since our continued existence in this land is contingent upon it being addressed.

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8 Responses to Our Claim to the Land

  1. Lev Azkhar says:

    Shalom Yoel

    You are absolutely right! Eretz Israel belongs to The Almighty. He gave it to us Jews through Abraham Yitzchak an Ya’acov, to live in it.
    Nobody has any rights upon the Land but Jews.
    Moreover; we have not to worry now because The One who gave it to us is fighting for us and has made us invincibles.
    We need to trust Him, stand assured of our right over The Land, and fight if attacked. We can trust Him ; we will prevail. Moshiach will come to Yerushalayim and will destroy our enemies; all those who hate us and serve the ultimate enemy ha__tan.
    Very soon now, Torah will come out of Tzion as prophesied.


  2. Sheila Dwelly says:

    If it matters, there are thousands of people who believe the same! God is the final authority on who belongs in this land. I and my family stand that the land rightfully belongs to the Jewish people!!!

  3. Donna Marie says:


    I don’t know how I came upon your blog or website but I want you to know how thrilled I was to read your article and your understanding that God Almighty gave the land of Israel to and through your forefather Abraham. Every single promise & prophecy of the LORD GOD concerning the land of Israel and HIS Chosen people has come to pass thus far! I am a Christian married to a Jewish man residing here in America. The LORD has shown me we are to make “Aliyah” to Israel. This is a fulfillment of an irrevocable promise, and one that you have been able to receive the blessings! The LORD is Mighty and faithful and HE will strike down all the nations that come up against Israel!
    This is amazing to witness, despite what everything looks like in the “natural”…rest assured, God is absolutely a “supernatural” GOD and HE is in Control! HE will do what HE says. America is in trouble…as are any of the other nations that use strong arm tactics to force Israel into giving into their “demands”. I have been warning everyone I know in the church as well as family and friends….If America does not come to the aid of Israel or stand up to protect her as all other nations attempt to pursue her, America will end up along side of all the other nations in a heap & pile of ashes. How do I know this? Because GOD’s WORD says so… People need to take God at HIS WORD! He says what HE means, and HE means what HE says!
    God Bless all of you….I continue to intercede & pray for Israel’s safety and for GOD to protect His Chosen Jewish nation~ Many blessings to all of you! Perhaps we will soon reach your soil.

    • Yoel Meltzer says:

      Donna shalom,

      Thank you for your kind words and support. I hope that God continues to open your eyes (and the eyes of fellow Americans – Jews and non-Jews).

      All the best.


  4. Chuck says:

    Shalom Yoel, For the past year’s I have been keeping my eye on Israel for the past few year’s , I know in my heart that God gave the land to the Jewish people, I hope President obamma is smart enough to get on board with Israel, and stand strong with them…….I would be very worried if I were the one messing with Israel’s land. Any one who go’s against God’s word is either and Idiot, or Just plane stupid, Stand firm Israel, If Obamma go’s against you guy’s will you guy’s let me in the country? I will join in your fight. I am 53 but hey i can do somehthing, fetch more bullet’s or simply Pray… I know God will protect you and you know this as well…. Hope obamma has the since to see it to before it’s to late…. and seriously if you need the help , Just send me a plain ticket one way will be fine………love you

    Charles T. Harlan

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