Letter 4

Dear Art,

Walking up Jerusalem’s Shmuel HaNagid Street, something I frequently do after work, I noticed something new yesterday.  In addition to the palace-like Christian Monastery and the equally impressive (architecturally) Artist’s House, I noticed a small sign on a building.

Crossing the street by Gan Rechavia, itself a partially hidden tree-lined courtyard with several apartment buildings, I approached the small nondescript building to get a better look at the small blue sign with white letters.

In both Hebrew and English the sign said:

In this building lived Dr. Yitzhak Arie Heppner, physician to members of the Jewish underground forces.  Despite British threats, he never failed to attend to wounded members of the underground.

How old was this doctor? What did he look like? Where was he born? What was his motivation? I don’t know but I just thought to share with you something interesting I saw on the way home from work.

There are many hidden treasures in Jerusalem.

Your friend.


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