Letter 2

Dear Art,

As you know, there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem a few weeks ago (on March 23). I’d like to share with you a few recollections of things I saw on that day.

First, while walking home from work I passed by a busy intersection located a few blocks from the attack. Situated at the convergence of Rechov Bezalel and Gan Sacher (Sacher Park), traffic was horrendous since the police had closed off part of the intersection in order to prevent anyone from turning in the direction of the attack.

At the same time, an ambulance came soaring by in the empty lane with its siren wailing. It’s a very eerie feeling when you know that the ambulance is transporting victims of the attack.

Later that night I walked to the spot of the attack (it’s a few minutes from my home) to see what, if anything, was going on. There were a few cameramen and 2 or 3 young women (about 17-20 years old) holding a sign saying “Jewish blood is not free” and they were chanting “We still have not lost hope”. A few cars passing by (it’s a main road) honked in agreement w/the sign, but beyond that not much was happening. I was going to engage the young women in a conversation and ask them who they’re referring to (hope in the government? hope in the people? hope in God?) but I was too tired. So, like usual, things go on as if nothing happened.

Your friend.


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