Letter 1

Dear Art,

Since it unfortunately appears that you’re never going to make it to Israel, I decided to start sending you some “letters” via my blog.  In each one I’ll note for you various items that I see each day in Jerusalem.  Although I can’t promise, I’ll try as best as possible to only write what I see without adding my own thoughts or interpretations.  This will obviously be difficult but I’ll give it a shot.

Wishing you could witness the miracle with your own eyes.

Your friend.


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2 Responses to Letter 1

  1. A pleasure to sicover your blog. Although I’m certain you and I are usually “preaching to the converted” I’ve never despaired from “seeding seeds”, you never know where they might end up.

    On a personal note – since my Aliyah in 1973, I’ve essentially been estranged from my two sisters. Thirty years later, I decided to write a collection of letters, part autobiographical, part things that should have been written but were not. I called that book “The Letters I Never Wrote My Sisters”.

    P.S. At least one of my sisters read every single letter in the collection. That alone made the months of writing worth the effort.

    • Yoel Meltzer says:

      Thanks Yoel. Regarding your sister that read the letters, are you still in touch with her?

      By the way, where in Israel do you live?

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