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Preparing for the Fall of Jordan

As the bloodshed in Syria continues with no end in sight, more and more eyes are beginning to focus on Syria’s formerly stable southern neighbor, Jordan. After nearly two years of low level protests, the last few months have witnessed … Continue reading

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Distorting the Election Results

Immediately following the results of the recent Israeli elections, many commentators were quick to point out that there was a near 60-60 tie between the two main blocs. Although it’s true that the additional seat given to the Jewish Home … Continue reading

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Only Ourselves to Blame

In the wake of the recent vote in the UN General Assembly, the reactions across the Israeli political spectrum were anything but a surprise. While some voices on the left simply welcomed the vote others blamed the Netanyahu government, arguing that … Continue reading

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Please, Some Real Issues

With the operation in Gaza behind us, it’s time to start refocusing our attention on the upcoming Israeli elections to be held in January. With this in mind, one can only hope that we’ll be spared the irrelevant issue of … Continue reading

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Decision Time

With the Iranian issue coming to a head, it’s both ironic and a bit worrisome that the weight of the fateful decision is resting squarely on the soldiers of Benjamin Netanyahu. For despite his enormous potential – intelligent, charismatic, superb … Continue reading

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Drama in the Jewish Home Party

In less than three months time the Jewish Home Party, formerly known as the National Religious Party (NRP), will be holding its first ever internal primaries. Although for most political parties the holding of primaries is not a newsworthy event, … Continue reading

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The Lessons of the Eisner Affair

Although watching a young Danish tourist getting whacked in the face by an M16 rifle is certainly not a pleasant site and tends to make one cringe, viewing the slightly extended video of the incident simply made my blood boil.

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Time for New Thinking

Roughly twenty years ago Israel made a decision to bring back from exile in faraway Tunisia it’s most bitter enemy, Yasser Arafat, and deposit him together with his close associates on our own doorstep. Still further, not content with the … Continue reading

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Will Netanyahu Err Again?

Following the recent announcement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to run for the president of the Likud Convention, the future of the current Likud has suddenly been thrown in the air. For in spite of its somewhat colorful history, this … Continue reading

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Divide and Rule Israel

Historically one of the most effective ways for overcoming an opponent is to employ the tactic of “divide and conquer”. Whether on the battlefield or the playing field, this all purpose method can be adapted to fit nearly any situation.

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