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Et tu, Sarkozy?

Recently, French president Nicolas Sarkozy came out with some surprisingly harsh statements against Israel while concomitantly expressing strong support for the justness of a Palestinian state. Moreover, the French leader even claimed “the Palestinians have been waiting for a state … Continue reading

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Islam and Nationalism

One of the cornerstones of the two-state solution is the belief that the Palestinians, as well as the larger Arab world, will be satisfied with the creation of an Arab state either within the territory of Judea and Samaria alone … Continue reading

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What if Israel Changed Direction?

In the early years of Saturday Night Live there was a classic skit called “What if?”. Posing as pseudo-intellectuals, Jane Curtain and company discussed such nonsensical topics as “What if Napoleon Bonaparte had B-52 bombers at the Battle of Waterloo?” … Continue reading

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A Voice of Reason from an Arab Dissident

Introduction The following is an interview with Mudar Zahran, a Palestinian Jordanian and former political insider who fled Jordan and currently resides in England. In an open and honest manner, Mudar briefly discusses the current unrest in Jordan, the various … Continue reading

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