The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Time to Move On

As a result of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 roughly 800,000 Jews were expelled from various Arab countries in which they had been living for generations. Consequently they were forced, like millions of other refugees throughout the 20th century, to resettle elsewhere. Although certainly not an easy task, eventually both the initial refugees and their descendants were able to let go of the past and move on with their lives. Continue reading

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The Jewish “Middle Way” & World Events

The Jewish approach to life is based upon the “middle way”. It is characterized by a constant attempt to strike a balance between two seemingly opposing forces – those of giving and those of restricting the giving – both of which are needed in the proper amount and time. This dialectic manifests itself in numerous ways, be it on an individual level or on a collective and national level. Continue reading

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Obama Is Not The Problem

With the destabilizing influence of Iran spreading throughout the region and the meltdown of the post “Arab Spring” Middle East continuing unabated, many in Israel are disappointed with President Obama for backtracking on his former pledge to prevent Iran from going nuclear. Similarly, after more than twenty years of the disastrous Oslo “peace process” and all the carnage and suffering that it brought as well as in the face of a strengthening international campaign to delegitimize the State of Israel, many Israelis are perturbed by Obama’s continued insistence that Israel must work towards the fulfillment of the two-state solution. Continue reading

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It’s the Same Battle

For anyone familiar with Tom Friedman’s worldview, his recent article “Say It Like It Is” was rather eye-opening. On the prestigious pages of the New York Times, Friedman voiced criticism of the Obama administration for its unwillingness to state the obvious connection between the increasing acts of terror throughout the world and Islam. Continue reading

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There is no Diplomatic Solution

With Israeli elections quickly approaching, it’s a near certainty based upon historical precedents that we’ll soon be hearing assorted domestic and international voices emphasizing the need to restart negotiations with the Arabs as soon as the next government is formed. Still further and based upon a twenty-year old broken record that never seems to stop, we’ll once again be told that in the face of the growing uncertainty in the region a breakthrough in the talks with the Arabs is vital for the continued existence of the Jewish state. Continue reading

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